An Intelligent platform for all your Data needs

Our Product

solve Every Aspect of Data efficiently

Seamlessly handle every aspect of your data with ease. From designing and deploying efficient data pipelines to ensuring data lineage and governance, Data 42 empowers you to harness the full potential of your information. Embrace simplified data orchestration and dive into comprehensive analytics, gaining invaluable insights for informed decision-making. Say goodbye to data-related complexities and welcome a new era of efficiency and intelligence with Data 42 at your side.


Who we are?

At UniTech42, Ex-employees from Amazon and Google join forces to develop Data42, an intelligent data product designed to tackle the challenges of data management. Through a unified interface, Data42 provides a comprehensive solution, freeing businesses to concentrate on their core objectives.

Our Vision

At UniTech42, our vision is to enable business with powerful data-driven decision-making tools. We are dedicated to delivering a user-friendly and intuitive platform for efficient data management, unlocking the complete potential of businesses. Our mission is to simplify data management, empowering your business for success


Data42 is built entirely on open-source technologies like Apache Spark, Superset,DuckDB offering flexibility and scalability. With a no code/low code interface. It enables rapid data pipeline creation and an integrated query engine for analytics. Data42 also provides visualization and governance capabilities, there by serves as an all-in-one solution for your data needs.

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